Published: Sep 06, 2012 6:53 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Young delegates at the Democratic National Convention say they're looking forward to hearing President Obama's plans for their generation.

"If we're not active in the election process, we won't have a say in our future," said Daniel McNaughton, one of the college-aged delegates who came to Charlotte representing Southwest Florida.

"Under 30 year olds have the most as stake in this election, because whatever policies are put into effect are going to last decades to come and its going to be us who feel the repercussions," McNaughton said.

The current college student says he believes President Obama offers the best ideas to help young Americans move forward.

"The big thing is just the economy," McNaughton said of his generation's concerns.  "A lot of students are worried about whether they'll be able to get a job when they graduate, and whether they'll be able to pay off their student loans when they finish school."

McNaughton says his next task after the convention is bringing the President's message back to fellow young voters in Southwest Florida.

"What I'm going to take back to Southwest Florida is basically that Obama is working for us. And not the rich and the powerful. He wants everyone to succeed, not just the select few. That's the point that needs to be hammered home to a lot fo people," he said.