Published: Sep 04, 2012 11:07 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 05, 2012 12:50 AM EDT

NAPLES, Fla - A Naples woman reveals how she tracked down her stolen iPhone by using an app on her iPad to pinpoint the exact location and confront the person accused of stealing it.

Last week, Alisa Accardi was shopping at TJ Maxx on Pine Ridge Road when she realized her iPhone was missing. "I'm in my car searching and this woman comes out and I asked did you see a cell phone and she no look in the stores."

Suspecting her phone may have been stolen, Accardi turned to her iPad and the app "Find iPhone." She was able to lock the phone and track down the exact location with the help of a gentleman at a neighboring store.  

"He said look, it's driving out of the parking lot, it's driving down Pine Ridge Road. I mean you could physically see the little picture of my iPhone driving down the road," says Accardi.

The app tracked her phone to the Publix in Vineyards and Accardi followed. "It pinpoints exactly to where it was. There was a tree and an island and a car, so I pulled up next to it. At that point it still didn't click to me is was the same lady from TJ Maxx who told me to go look inside the store."

Accardi walked over to the car and knocked on the window. "I said excuse me, do you have my phone? She goes no phone, no, do you need a cell phone? I showed her my iPad and I said you see it says it's in the car. She says no I have a phone."

That's when Accardi used another feature of the app that sends a text message to your iPhone, setting of an alarm. "I just didn't believe her so I sent it a message and when you send it a message," says Accardi. "As she's getting out of her car I'm writing give me my phone and I said to her, are you sure you don't have my phone? She goes no sweetie no and I press send. All of a sudden I hear the alarm. I'm like you liar I was like you're a thief."

Accardi says she then reached into the car and grabbed her phone. "I lift up her purse and wrapped in a towel is my phone. I could hear the alarm going off."

Accardi called the police and they arrested 38 year old Erose Bornelus. She is charged with grand theft.

Accardi says, "I'm grateful for the app. I was super grateful because I was panicking. I'm a single mom and I would be lost without it."