Published: Sep 04, 2012 10:58 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - We've heard repeatedly how jobs are going to be one of the key issues for this election for both parties. The Democrats are looking to make the middle class a big component of their convention this week.

While covering the DNC, WINK News met a Florida inventor roaming around the DNC, who says she's an example of how she's been able to create jobs in Florida.

Cate Vincent came to Charlotte to show off her big idea.

"I'm almost 70, and I was in bed reading on my iPad, and I dropped it, and I got out of bed, and took a pair of pinking shears and a plastic file folder, and I made a handle for my iPad," Vincent explained.

The iPad handle she invented is now being mass-produced out of leather.  She says the invention quickly got the attention of Apple; but she's more proud that it has also translated into several much-needed jobs.

"I live on the Space Coast in Florida where there are no jobs now, and we've already put 30 people to work," Vincent said.

Vincent is also an Obama supporter this election, and said her success is something America needs to have more of.

"Small business is the heartbeat of this country," she said.  "This was only four and a half months ago that this happened, and we already have 30 people at work."