Published: Aug 31, 2012 9:03 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 01, 2012 12:17 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Saturday, a new curfew goes into effect for underage kids in Fort Myers. Leaders passed the new ordinance to keep kids off the streets at a time when the city is seeing an increase in crime.

Sunday through Thursday, they're not allowed to be in a public place or restricted area between 9 at night, and 5 in the morning. On weekends and holidays, minors can't be out from 11 at night, to 6 in the morning.

But we got a lot of questions on our Facebook page, asking about specific exceptions.

--What if they are with a parent or an authorized adult?
According to Fort Myers Police, that's okay.

--What about teens who work past curfew times?
Police say going directly to, or returning directly from work is allowed. But that means no stopping anywhere - just going straight home.

--What if the teen is at a school function, like a football game, that runs past curfew?
Police say that's okay, too.

Here's what are not valid exceptions:
--If your child goes for a run, or plays a non-school related game past curfew time
--If your child drives around in a car, and isn't coming from an allowed event or activity past curfew
--If you child stops at a store for any reason, other than an emergency past curfew

Police say the month of September is a grace period. They'll be using the time to spread the word, and teach parents about the curfew. Enforcement will begin in October.