Published: Aug 30, 2012 6:57 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Southwest Florida is assessing the impact Issac had on its coastline, with some beaches still recovering from Tropical Storm Debby.

Lee County and Captiva Island are now in line for emergency funding to fix beaches that were severely eroded during the storm in late June.

It's estimated Captiva lost at least 200,000 cubic yards of sand off its beaches just during Debby. The cost to replenish that loss is between $18-20 million.

"We are mostly concerned with the middle of the island from 'Tween Waters up through South Seas, where we feel they've lost the most sand," said Kathleen Rooker, Administrator for the Captiva Erosion Prevention District.

Captiva has secured state grants to fund a quarter of that cost and plans to seek bed tax money from the county. Whatever FEMA does not cover will come from residents through assessment fees.

Meantime, Lee County is also asking from emergency relief after Debby damaged the beach in Boca Grande.

"Now that the seawalls been exposed by Debby, additional storms could come up... and cause even more damage in that area," said Steve Boutelle, with Lee County Natural Resources.

Friday, county employees will officially assess the beaches on Estero Island, Bonita Beach, Lover's Key, and Boca Grande to see what Isaac did over the weekend.

The department expects in some cases, Isaac could have made the damage from Debby worse, and in other cases, better.