Published: Aug 30, 2012 6:09 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 30, 2012 6:45 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Construction site is fueling a heated debate. It's the first step toward a state of the art gas station going up in Cape Coral. 

Workers broke ground on a RaceTrac located at the intersection of Del Prado Boulevard south and SouthEast 26th Street near the Midpoint Bridge.

The company says the station will be spectacular but people living near it aren't so sure.  

Patricia Schleig has lived on Everest Parkway for years and she's upset to see that a bigger than ever RaceTrac station is coming to life in her community's backyard.

"It will be 24/7. That's a big burden on a neighborhood," she said. She, and others, asked for the project to stop. They're afraid it will cause congestion on a road already shared by the city's public workers and more than a thousand homeowners. "I just cant imagine what that intersection is going to look like," she said.      

The prototype RaceTrac will be a 6,000 square foot convenience store. That's one-thousand larger than the previous models. It will have 20 gas pumps, and comes complete with a frozen yogurt shop.

"There's stacked stone, there's natural light, there's bright colors, more than 4000 retail items inside the store," explained Sherri Scott, a spokeswomen for RaceTrac.  

Edward Murawski lives right across the street-and welcomes the new store. "We're so close to the midpoint bridge, a major commuter center, we need an extra gas station in this area," he said.

The Everest Homeowner's Association tells WINK News in a statement:  

The Everest Homeowners' Association found no one opposed to the RaceTrac station on Del Prado and SE 26th St.  There were mixed feelings about the gas station, but recognizing RaceTrac's attractive landscaping at their new station on North Del Prado, it was decided to accept them as our new neighbor.

Our only concern was traffic at 3:30 when the city employees go home, and create a block long backup.

"It doesn't make me happy that it's happening but I feel that we did what we could, and at this point we were kind of overruled." said Schleig  

This is a five month project. Construction should wrap up in December.