Published: Aug 20, 2012 11:29 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 21, 2012 5:27 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fl. - Over the weekend, deputies removed a man, they say had a gun at the Regal Theater at Bell Tower.  

He had a concealed weapons permit, so he wasn't arrested.  But his behavior had some people concerned enough to call for help.

The woman WINK News spoke with was actually sitting a few seats down from the man.  She saw him after managers told deputies they caught him putting his hands in his coat and covering his face with his hat.
Wilma Demarest says she and her friend spotted the man right away and were immediately on edge.

"I looked to my friend and I said, something's wrong here, he's in a full length trench coat on a hot steamy day and in a hat," she says.

She adds even before the movie started, officers escorted the man out.

"They took off his trench coat, they out his hands begin his back and they frisked him and then we never saw him again," she adds.

According to deputies reports, management was afraid he had a gun under his coat and asked that he be escorted off the property.  Officers did find a handgun on the man, but he did have a concealed weapons permit and was not arrested.

"I'm feeling that he should've been arrested... if the police hadn't come and taken him away, we could all be dead by now," Demarest says.
Other movie watchers say, the theater did the right thing.

"I'm stunned, I mean why would you bring a weapon to the movie theatre?  I mean I can understand the fear and wanting to protect yourself because of what just happened in Colorado but there's kids that go to theatres..." says Tanya Transou.

Regal Entertainment Groups's concealed weapons policy states that patrons are not allowed to carry firearms or concealed firearms onto the property.

"They have every right to make their own choices, they can make their decisions but they have to be prepared for it to affect their business because people who support carrying a concealed may not go to their theatre anymore," says Judith Serio.

The man, who we aren't identifying because he was not arrested, was given a trespassing notice.  WINK News spoke with him Monday night.  He tells WINK News he did not know the theater's weapons policy.  He says, if he had, he would not have brought the gun with him.