Published: Aug 14, 2012 5:43 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 14, 2012 5:59 PM EDT

PUNTA GORDA Fla.- State Attorney Jillian Kaykendall laid it out for the jury right off the bat.

"The state apologizes in advance for these images that you are going to have to review and the chats you are going to have to hear about and read about," Kaykendall told told the jury in opening statements today.

She was talking about images and videos allegedly recovered from Melissa Bailey's computer in 2009. Bailey is accused of capital sexual assault of a girl who was 18 months old at the time.

The state told jurors about graphic messages between Bailey and her then boyfriend Glenn Nelson detailing the alleged abuse. Bailey's attorney Joe Lombardo presented a simple defense.

"She was insane at the time of these events," Lombardo told the jury. 

He also told the courtroom a childhood brain injury made Bailey incapable of making rational decisions. The states star witness, Charlotte County Sheriff's Computer Forensic Detective Kevin Depersia is expected to show the jury over 40 pieces of graphic evidence tomorrow. Most of it has been deemed so bad that the public is not allowed to view it. 

Nelso took a plea deal on his charges and is currently behind bars. If Bailey is convicted, she could face life behind bars.