Published: Aug 13, 2012 12:40 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- The pinch at the pump continues to get worse. On average, gas prices are sitting 30 cents higher than they were a month ago.

Analysts say there are a couple reasons why prices are going up. In addition to the already high cost of crude, production loss at a refinery in Northern California is driving costs up even more.

Last Monday, a huge fire shut down a Chevron Refinery near San Francisco. It's one of the largest in that state. That particular plant, typically put out 245,000 barrels a day.

With everything at a standstill, analysts said to expect an obvious effect, which across the country, we are seeing. They expect prices to continue to rise, at least through Labor Day. But on the bright side, they say prices won't get as high as they did in April.     

Here's a look at what we're paying at the pump today:

-Nationwide $3.69 is the average.

-In Southwest Florida, we're at $3.62. (That's a penny more than this time last year.)