Published: Aug 07, 2012 10:24 AM EDT
Updated: Aug 07, 2012 2:57 PM EDT

ENGLEWOOD EAST, Fla.- A Charlotte County Sheriff's deputy arrested three young boys for breaking into and doing extensive damages inside a vacant home in Englewood East. Two 13-year-old brothers and an 8-year-old were arrested.

The burglary and vandalism occurred June 1 at 11097 Magdalena Avenue, Englewood East. A neighbor heard glass breaking and kids laughing. He then observed one boy breaking out a front window and another boy beating out drywall in the home. The neighbor went inside the home through a broken sliding door and caught the three boys beating on the walls. He contacted CCSO and told the boys to sit down until deputies arrive.

Deputies responded and saw the inside of the home severely damaged; glass windows broken throughout the home, every room had drywall damage, a glass door was shattered, cabinets were damaged, and miscellaneous items scattered throughout the house.

Information about the three boys was taken by deputies and their parents were notified until they could locate the owners of the vacant home to see if they wanted to press charges. A record check showed a law firm as owner, but they advised they were not and gave names of the former owners who are currently in foreclosure of the property. Numerous attempts were made to contact the owners, but were unsuccessful. Deputies finally were able to locate the owners Aug. 2; they said they still owned the property and wished to press charges.

The twin brothers were located and arrested Aug. 2; the 8-year-old was arrested Monday evening. All three were charged with felony Burglary to an Unoccupied Dwelling, and felony Criminal Mischief.

One of the twins was sent to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Ft. Myers for 21 days. On July 4th, he and another 13-year-old boy were arrested for Burglary (Boat), Boat Theft, Grand Theft (Kayak) and Petit Theft for stealing a Kayak, boat items, and attempting to steal a boat.

The other twin brother and the 8-year-old were released to their parents for 21-days home detention.