Published: Aug 06, 2012 4:28 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- On Sunday at 7:15 p.m., officers were dispatched to 488 Devils Lane reference a domestic incident. Upon their arrival, a woman came out of the residence.

The female victim stated that she was hiding from the suspect for the last 30 minutes to an hour in her residence. The victim stated that the suspect entered the residence by smashing the glass sliding door, located in the rear of the residence. The victim explained that she was thrown to the ground, kicked and punched by the suspect.

The victim said that the suspect is an ex-boyfriend, whom she resided with in the past, but he no longer lives with her now.

She stated that when she was hiding in the residence, the suspect could have left the home, but she was not certain. The victim said that the suspect could be in the master bedroom.

The perimeter of the residence was secured by officers and dispatch was notified of the situation.

While securing the residence, Officers discovered the rear sliding glass door had been smashed and taped over with a cardboard box and duct tape. Officers observed the master bedroom blinds move and a light come on. The victim said that it was not like that prior to police arriving on scene and her leaving the residence, indicating that the suspect may still be in the residence. Officers attempted to make contact with the suspect , which revealed negative results.

Officers blocked off the road way and asked nearby residents to stay in their homes. CCSO Deputies were sent out to the suspect's previous address to check if he was present at that location, which revealed negative results.

SWAT cleared the residence and the perimeter of the home. The suspect was not found inside of the residence.

Detectives took over the scene and spoke with the victim in reference to the suspect forcefully entering her residence without permission, and being battered.

The scene was cleared by 10:00 p.m.