Published: Aug 03, 2012 10:19 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 04, 2012 2:36 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - Two weeks ago, five cars were stolen from inside garages at a South Fort Myers gated golf community. Some residents are worried the lack of security made it too easy for the thieves to get in.

Sol Agin has lived in his Legends Golf and Country Club neighborhood for about eight years. He'd always felt safe, up until July 20th. That's when thieves broke into several garages on Cromwell Court.

"Even if nothing was taken, they were violated in one capacity or another, with their door being opened without their permission, being locked and then being opened," Agin said.

Five cars were reported stolen. One of them was spotted almost seven miles away, near Brantley Road.

"I was at work and one of our clients told me the story about the stolen cars. He lives in the Legends," Erin Ortino said.
The next day, an unfamiliar car in Ortino's apartment parking lot caught her attention.

"As I was driving past, I noticed this car parked here, a silver Mercedes and the back right window was open," Ortino said.

She also noticed a front license plate that said "legends." Ortino found it suspicious, but didn't report it until she realized her girlfriend's car had also been broken into.

"They must have pulled up and then went through her car while they were dropping the car off," Ortino said.

Some of the stolen cars reportedly did have the keys inside, whether in the ignition, or in the glove compartments. Legends neighbors say four of the five cars have since been returned. But they worry it could happen again because of a maintenance gate nearby.

"There is no lighting, there are no cameras, anyone can walk in through those gates, or walk around the gates and come in, and go out that way," Agin said.

Agin wants extra lights and cameras installed, even a wall to keep them safe, and keep would-be criminals out.

"Make it so that it becomes a deterrent for people to want to come in and cause damage," Agin said.

The General Manager at Legends was out of the office, but a member of the Master Association said the G.M. jumped on the problem and made necessary corrections. For safety reasons, he couldn't say what exactly was done.

So far, one juvenile was arrested after he got caught driving one of the stolen cars.