Published: Aug 02, 2012 11:22 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 02, 2012 11:23 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla - The non-profit community is reacting to the arrest of Marco Island resident Joyce Crain.

The president of the non-profit Prescriptions 4 Hope was arrested Wednesday accused of eight counts of prescription fraud.

Thursday a Collier County judge set her bond at $80,000.

Joyce Crain's non profit Prescriptions 4 Hope claimed to help the poor and uninsured obtain prescription medication they otherwise couldn't afford. News that she was arrested sent shock waves through the non-profit community in Collier County.

Along with running Prescriptions 4 Hope, Crain, 62, worked as the on-site patient advocate at The Healtcare Network of SW Florida Family Care in East Naples.

Last month, a patient became suspicious when she hadn't received her medication. An investigation reveled Crane had forged a doctor's signature and put her own Marco Island home address on the paperwork.

"It makes you angry there are people who would attempt to steal both from the individual in need and from the community for their own gain," says Armando Galella, the district director for the non-profit Catholic Charities. He never dealt directly with Crane, but the Salvation Army tells WINK News they referred at least two people to her for help.

Chris Nind, director of development for the Salvation Army says, "I think it's concerning when any agency which was originally designed to help those in need, isn't doing that."

Marco Island Police say a search of Crain's home Wednesday uncovered more than $120,000 worth of prescription medications, all obtained fraudulently. They also found a script pad that belonged to the Healthcare Network doctor and evidence Crain was selling the medications to patients.

"It's unfortunate something like this happens and all of us get a black eye," says Galella.