Published: Aug 02, 2012 11:13 PM EDT

HARLEM HEIGHTS, Fl. - The first day of school in Lee County is less than a week away and some students in Harlem Heights will be going back in style.  It's thanks to the Heights Center annual school supply giveaway.

Keshadra Broomfield's three school-bound children showed off their brand new and full backpacks.

They were amongst more than 400 families in the Harlem Heights community that benefited from the Heights Center's annual school supply giveaway.

"It's a good cause, there's a lot of unfortunate families in the Harlem Heights community and this is the best thing that could have come around," says mom of three, Keshadra Broomfield.

"Community outreach has always been a really big part of what the Heights Foundation has done of over 12 years in the community so this gives us an opportunity to really connect with 400 families," says Julie Workman with the Heights Center.

This year volunteers tailored the supplies to every child's specific grade and school, making sure everyone got exactly what they needed for the first day.

"It's not just that a child has a backpack but that that child goes back to school really with the dignity and the feeling knowing that they have what everyone else has," she says.

For parents like Broomfield, she's hoping her three kids get more than just new supplies.

"Education is the first thing to start the community off right because especially in the Harlem Heights community, there's really not that many graduates, so you start them out young, get everything together, then they'll be good," she adds.

Leaders with the Heights Foundation also took today to find out what kinds of programs families want to see more of at the heights center.  Neighbors all said job training workshops.