Published: Aug 02, 2012 8:36 AM EDT

PORT CHARLOTTE Fla.- They seem to almost grow out of the ground like weeds.  With election season in full bloom, political signs dot the landscape across Southwest Florida.  In Charlotte County, even politicians say it's overkill.  Adam Cummings has lived in Charlotte County most of his life.  He has also been politically active for most of his life.  Cummings, admits there are a lot of signs this year.  "This is hands down the most signs I have seen in 18 years of campaigning", said Cummings.  

With a lot of signs, come misplaced signs. Zoning official Shaun Cullinan says they have already confiscated  bunch of illegally placed signs
"At least a hundred.  We've got a bed truck full of these types of signs one of the staff members trucks", said Cullinan.  Charlotte County Code Enforcement Director Erin Mullin showed us two truck beds full of illegally placed signs they have collected.  She pointed out that so far this season the biggest violator is the Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections, Paul Stamoulis.   "It seems to show a disregard for the law that he's promulgating", said Cummings who is running for Stamulis's job. Stamulis would not comment about the seized signs, but Cummings says he should have known better.  "His office had just recently sent out a notice to all the candidates with the sign code attached, clearly stating that it was not allowed to be in the right of way", said Cummings

Code enforcement cautions residents not to take it upon themselves to remove signs.  Earlier this week a Punta Gorda man was arrested for doing just that.  The best way to do it is report the violation  to code enforcement