Published: Jul 26, 2012 5:39 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 26, 2012 6:02 PM EDT

SAN CARLOS PARK-Fla.- Since Debra Striano was killed Lee County's crime scene unit has camped out in front of her home on Oakmount Ridge Circle. The 55-year-old shared the home with her boyfriend, Russell Myers. Together they ran a large landscaping business out of this home.

Dean Homan spoke to Myers for the first time following his girlfriend's violent death.

He said, "Russell is mystified as to what happened."

Homan said the couple's border collie, Scruffy, had to have several surgeries related to Striano's death.

"What happened to the dog? They cut the dog-not sure to what extent. Who? several people...or? whoever was in the house," Homan said.

Detectives continued to question neighbors today and crime scene investigators collected evidence. Meantime, friends are remembering not how Striano died, but how she lived.

Erin Pearl said, "It is still a shock and we are all really concerned."

Friends, like Homan, are holding out hope the killer will be caught.

"Obviously we want this brought to justice it is a nasty thing," he said.

Investigators expect crime scene techs will be collecting evidence from the home until Saturday.