Published: Jul 24, 2012 2:55 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 24, 2012 5:42 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Crime Stoppers is making an urgent plea for fresh tips in the disappearance of a local teacher. Amy Patterson vanished one year ago this week. She had lived on Pine Island with her ex-husband and boyfriend, Daniel Proctor.

"We believe that Amy is dead. But we do not have her body. So we cannot file charges in the case," said Trish Routte of Crime Stoppers.  

"We fear that Proctor may get out of jail in Alabama on other charges in a few weeks. If he does, he will disappear. We will not see him again," said Routte.

Patterson disappeared in 2011, and searchers spent many hours looking for her body.

Proctor has been in jail in Alabama, where his mother doubts that he had anything to do with the disappearance of Patterson.  

"In my heart and my eyes, he did not have any part in it," said Joyce Rosenbaum, Proctor's mother.

Regardless, authorities want and need new tips. 

"We want the friends of Dan and Amy to think hard, try to remember something that they might have said that could be a clue to the where-abouts of a body. Do the right thing. Call in the tip. You can be anonymous. It will give the family closure and justice will be served. Otherwise, I am afraid this man will get away with murder."