Published: Jul 23, 2012 3:29 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 23, 2012 5:45 PM EDT

HOUSTON, TX- A warning about a new computer virus that claims to be from the FBI.  It takes control of your computer and even appears to be sending your picture to the government.  The virus is going around the country and experts say they're shocked at how sophisticated it is.  Even worse, if you get infected, your computer will almost be useless.

The biggest problems with the virus so far is in Texas.  Debbie Lansford, from Houston, has seen plenty of viruses attack her personal computer, causing slowdowns and pop-ups.

"It slows it down, I get a lot of pop-ups and some kind of Trojan virus, whatever that is," said Landsford.

Claiming the FBI has taken control of your computer for violation copyright laws, users are told to pay $200 electronically to get the computer unlocked.

"And it is scary, I mean, first time we saw it, you know, it jumped back, and we said, wow, what's going on?" said Alex Diaz, computer expert.

To make the scam even more effective, the virus activates your web camera and makes it appear that video of you is being streamed directly to federal investigators.
"Anything that you see that FBI warns, you want be alarmed, and read it properly, but definitely don't send any money, the FBI is not, you know, taking money from you, or wanting any money from you in that manner," said Diaz.

The real FBI confirms this is nothing but a scam.  While we haven't heard of it here yet, be warned!  Infected machines are rendered virtually useless until a professional can clean up the computer so be extra careful of what you click on.