Published: Jul 17, 2012 12:23 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 17, 2012 4:40 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Parts of Cape Coral are still wringing out the water after several hours of steady rain today, with water knee deep in several places.

With any additional rain, there's the chance for more problems. Flooding is happening near the intersection of Hancock Bridge Parkway and NE 8th Place.

One woman says said is afraid to leave her home for fear of getting stuck.

Cape Coral has 400 miles of canals, but the 900 block of Hancock Bridge Parkway has been turned into a river.

The water is so deep, Sherri Greene is afraid to drive her car out of the driveway.  "It happened yesterday, the same thing, I barely got out! But today it's deeper so I knew I could't get out today," she said.

For others like Richard Wetmore, the soggy streets are becoming more of a common sight in his front yard. "The last couple of years Hancock Bridge area, right where we are at the 912 area is flooded, I think the drains aren't draining," said Wetmore.

He says Hurricane Charley didn't bring this much flooding.

"I keep thinking three months ago I couldn't get my boat in the water, there was no water out there, I couldn't get it off the lift! And here I could float it down Hancock, its quite a difference you know," he said.

Crews were sifting through the water and trying to figure out why this roadway has become such a problem area.

Neighbors believe drains could be clogged, preventing water from flowing out into a lake behind some of these homes.