Published: Jul 16, 2012 11:22 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fl. - A call to take responsibility for our communities.  That's what one Fort Myers resident proposed to combat an increase in crime. 

It's just one idea discussed at Monday's City Council meeting.  The other was the city's curfew.

"What she's saying, I'm buying," says Fort Myers Police Chief, Doug Baker.

Chief Baker is talking about resident Dana Pierce's call for this community to take responsibility.

"When you take responsibility, you will say leave my neighborhood if you're not going to do right or I will turn you in.  that's what will happen," Pierce says.

Pierce says right now, people are afraid to talk to law enforcement and they are not taking action to prevent these violent crimes.  It's why she's starting a campaign that will spread this message of open communication thoughout the community and she's working with the Police Department to do it.

"There needs to be a culture change in the city of Fort Myers and southwest florida.  That has to occur, the government can't do it, the police don't have the ability to do it, the only one that can do it the citizens themselves," Chief Baker adds.

Monday night, council members also looked at the Youth Protection Ordinance and will discuss changing the curfew in the city.  councilwoman Brown asked leaders to think about making it earlier: changing the 11pm tp 5am weekday times to 9pm to 5am.  And on weekends, making sure no kids were out between 11pm and 6am.

"Not only can you address the child but you also have the ability to address the parent and hold them responsible for the whereabouts of these kids," Chief Baker adds.

Council members did not vote on anything regarding the curfew.  They will discuss that at the next meeting.