Published: Jul 16, 2012 12:59 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.- Jury selection took place Monday morning, in the case to see if the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office contributed to the death of a North Port woman. Denise Amber Lee was kidnapped and murdered in 2008. Now her husband, Nathan Lee, is suing the sheriff's office saying it mishandled life-saving information.

The first group of potential jurors was just brought in. There are around 73 who showed up and they will be screened in three different groups.

A lot of this trial will center around a 911 call made the same night Denise Amber Lee went missing. It's a six-minute conversation between a witness and a Charlotte County dispatcher. In it, the witness, a Tampa woman named Jane Kowalski, tells the dispatcher about a suspicious vehicle, which has a similar description to the car Lee's killer was driving that night. Kowalski said she saw someone, perhaps a child, struggling inside the car.

Nathan Lee says the sheriff's office never dispatched a deputy to check out that tip on his missing wife. He says that makes them partly responsible for her death.

The sheriff's office argues that the wrongful death suit should be thrown out on technical grounds.