Published: Jul 15, 2012 7:24 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 16, 2012 12:05 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fl. - Our partners at the News Press started the 'Rise Above' campaign.  The Dunbar girls basketball team says they wanted to be a part of it not only to raise awareness but also to work through their emotions.

Some of these tragedies affected them very personally including one player who lost her brother in a shooting.  Now this team is calling on this community to make some big adjustments right now.

"Devastated, disappointed, upset because this is a community where we should be coming together not killing each other," says Johnetta Williams.

Williams is talking about the shooting death of fellow student Char'iah Owens, just one of the recent murders that impacted but hasn't broken this Dunbar High School team.

Teammate DeDe Burger says they wanted to be a part of the 'Rise Above' campaign to share their story of victory and the importance of getting involved.

"If students would actually participate in sports or something... parents would guide them there wouldn't be as much killing and drugs," says Burger.

"I would hope that our community would readjust the way of thinking," says Coach Dwayne Donnell.

Coach Donnell says it will take continued efforts by teachers and more involvement from parents to get these kids and this community back on the right track.

"Help them understand they need to be doing things that are productive in your life," he adds.

Already, this team is spreading that message.

"I just hope that by us doing what we did that little kids will look up to us and want to do that same and just stay out of the streets," Burger adds.

"If you see anything something that's being done that shouldn't be done, walk away, if you're thinking about doing something negative, walk away," adds Williams.

Later this week there are some prayer vigils scheduled at the Dunbar Community School.