Published: Jul 10, 2012 9:07 PM EDT

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. - An illegal dumping investigation in Lehigh Acres has a neighborhood very upset.  It was enough for a concerned resident to call WINK News and report the oil spill, located in a canal off Genoa Avenue and Damen Street.     

"It's crazy in this day and age that people are dumping in waterways period.  They must be pretty ignorant," he said.

The jogger says he was out with his dogs on Tuesday morning when he saw the sludge.

"The water is usually very clean.  [The dogs] often cool off in the canal.  They went down and I see two, 55-gallon drums tipped over and one of them is pretty much empty," he said.

"I care about the environment and it takes just a little bit of effort to put trash where it belongs," he insisted, "There's been a lot of illegal dumping in this area."

His neighbor agreed and said it's about a lack of respect.

"It seems that everybody thinks that Lehigh Acres is their personal trash dump," he stated.

The residents wanted to remain anonymous, but said they also wanted to their voices to be heard.

Both said they are hoping the clean-up will keep the spill from spreading to larger waterways.

"I wanted to get someone out here as quickly as possible because it's flowing downstream already."

Clean-up crews from SWS Environmental Services arrived on-scene and put booms in the canal to keep the oil contained.  The Florida Department of Health said the oil was on the surface-level and would not leak into drinking water or area wells.