Published: Jul 09, 2012 4:33 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 09, 2012 4:57 PM EDT

BONITA BEACH, Fla.- It's an encouraging sight for sea turtle lovers: a day-old loggerhead that hatched after it was displaced and reburied on Fort Myers Beach.

"He is the hope for the future. He looks like a robust, healthy little guy," said Eve Haverfield of the non-profit group, Turtle Time.

Volunteers for the group weren't always so optimistic.

"When Tropical Storm Debby came through, we were very worried at first," Haverfield said Monday.

Initial surveys of the storm's damage on Southwest Florida sea turtle nests showed devastating damage, with more than half of nests impacted by the storm's high tides.

Still, hatchlings are showing off their survival skills. Nests are already hatching on Bonita Beach and Fort Myers Beach.

"We're hoping that those iffy nests will actually be successful," Haverfield said.

Turtle Time says this year has actually proved one of the most plentiful for sea turtle nests in twelve years. Fourteen additional nests have already popped up on Bonita Beach, post-Debby.

"Turtles have been on this planet for 200 million years. They've managed to survive Mother Nature," Haverfield said.

Sea turtle nesting season runs through the end of October. Experts remind anyone heading to the beach to turn off  lights on or near the shoreline at night, so hatchlings aren't confused while making their way out to the water.