Published: Jun 29, 2012 11:27 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla.-A car full of women coming home from the Immokalee casino witnessed Thursday's deputy-involved shooting. WINK News talked to the driver who says she feared for her life. We spoke to Elizabeth over the phone. She doesn't want her identity revealed because she's still shaken up by their ride home. "We were heading northbound on I-75, we come over the Bayshore, we went around the curve and we saw it and what's going on here," she said. Elizabeth says her and her friends' day of fun turned into a nightmare, when they were taking the Bayshore exit on I-75. "The cop had his gun drawn he was four feet from the passenger side of this black car, it was like a two door with windows tinted," she said. "When we got right next to the car, we heard four gun shots. I swerved down into the left side of the median area, realized it had rained and we almost rolled the truck, the suv," said Elizabeth. "I looked in my rearview mirror after the cop had shot, the guy floored the gas of the car and then he went down the ditch and into the woods," she said. Carlos Charles was pronounced dead at the scene. Elizabeth says she saw a small boy and a young woman get out the car, just moments before the deadly altercation. "We were scared to death. We were right in the direct line of fire from that gun," she said. Elizabeth says she doesn't know what happened before the shots were fired, but disagrees with the deputies split section decision to shoot. "It doesn't seem right, no. Because I mean we were put in the line of fire directly," said Elizabeth. Elizabeth is upset that her statement hasn't been taken by detectives yet. The Lee County Sheriff's Office says they are following up on all leads and interviewing all witnesses to determine what was seen. LCSO says these things happen very quickly and decisions must be made instantaneously.