Published: Jun 21, 2012 4:44 PM EDT

MIAMI (AP) - Doctors in Miami say they believe a surgery they performed to remove a tumor from an unborn baby's mouth was the first of its kind.
Tammy Gonzalez was 17 weeks pregnant when an ultrasound of her daughter seemed to show the baby blowing a large bubble. The bubble actually was a large tumor.
Doctors said the baby likely wouldn't survive without surgery in utero. University of Miami doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital completely removed the peach-sized tumor in a May 2010 operation. Leyna Gonzalez was born in October 2010.
At a hospital news conference Thursday, Tammy held her now 20-month-old daughter on her lap. Leyna has only a tiny scar on her mouth.
Doctors say Leyna's tumor was so rare that it occurs in only one out of 100,000 pregnancies.

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