Published: May 17, 2012 2:24 AM EDT
Updated: May 17, 2012 6:21 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- An electrical fire at a south Fort Myers apartment complex has left as many as eight families homeless.  WINK News has confirmed the electrical fire is being blamed on a termite problem at the Audubon Cove near Six Mile Cypress and Daniels Parkway.

The South Trail Fire Department says this is the third fire in just a week.  The Deputy Chief says a termite infestation has created electrical problems that are sparking these fires.  Residents told WINK News they're fed up so we confronted management.

"We've got residents telling us on camera that this has happened three times in the last week and we just want to give you guys a chance to say yes it has, no it hasn't, here's what we're doing," said Genevieve Judge, reporter, WINK News.

"What residents choose to say is on them and I'm not, not going to do what I'm told," said Audubon Cove management.

The management at Audubon Cove didn't want to speak to us about residents concerns of electrical fires in their apartments.

"Can we just grab a statement from you cause I've got residents saying?" said Judge.

"I don't say anything," said management.

This week alone, the South Trail Fire Department has responded to three different fires in three different buildings.  They told WINK News, a termite infestation created an electrical problem sparking the fires.

"I feel like they're trying but I feel kind of like, pushed out you know?  I feel like they should have had this, been on top of this a long time ago," said Romar Powell, resident.

"I think that they have so many problems that they can't approach them all at once," said Leah Wedl, resident.

On Wednesday, the fire department deemed one building hazardous saying the bug problem was not corrected in a timely manner.  That forced families to evacuate immediately and head to a hotel with the help of the Red Cross.

"They were able to go in and grab their essentials, their clothing and food like that," said Colin Downey, Red Cross.

The South Trail Fire Department says management is now working with them to correct the issue but in the meantime, residents are frustrated.

"Its not fair to take our money, and then expect, they told us this was livable.  There is a hole in the roof.  Its not livable," said Powell.

The fire department said they're working to get an electrical and structural engineer out to check out the building as soon as possible.