Published: May 03, 2012 11:18 PM EDT
Updated: May 04, 2012 2:36 AM EDT

WINK News Call For Action, along with the help of our viewers, has solved a mystery that's quickly grown to captivate romantics across the country.

In 2008, Patricia Fitch rescued a lost wedding album from the tombs of the Lost & Found at Southwest Florida International Airport.  The album was in danger of being thrown away.

Patricia spent several years looking over the photos, trying to find clues as to its couple.  When she couldn't get any further, she turned to WINK News' Cayle Thompson and the Call For Action team.

After our initial story on the album aired, we were flooded with calls and emails.  Viewers in Southwest Florida weren't the only ones interested in this story.  It was picked up by networks and passed on to stations across the country.  We received messages from California, Pennsylvania, New York, and more.

One viewer suggested we look closer at the back of the photographs.  Our first check didn't reveal anything exciting.  There was no photographer trademark or professional name.  There wasn't even a date.

But there was a faint grey line of computer code.  At first, it puzzled us.  It was nothing more than a series of letters and numbers.  But as we began picking the code apart, we realized the letters spelled a possible name: "Probasco."

A simple search on the internet led us to a Rev. Ray Probasco in Indiana.  We started making calls, and found he's retired from the Methodist Church.

His friends were able to share phone numbers that eventually led us to his daughter, Jessica Probasco then - now Jessica Heavilon.  It wasn't long before we were on the phone with her.

"I'm so excited," Jessica told WINK News' Cayle Thompson in a phone call.  She said the album was her mothers, put together after their wedding on Sanibel Island.  

"After the wedding, my mother kept saying we were missing an album," Jessica said.  "We checked at the airport, but never found it again."

Jessica's husband is Michael Heavilon.  He got out of the Marines just before the wedding and is now employed by the federal government.  The couple make their home in suburban Washington, D.C.

And there's more news:  the couple has a 16-month-old daughter, and is now expecting twins!

Patricia Fitch couldn't contain her excitement when we told her the good news.

"Oh, wow," she said.  "That's amazing.  I'm so happy.  And twins!  That's exciting.  They're such a beautiful family."

WINK News is working to return the album to the Heavilons, and perhaps even help them meet Patricia face-to-face.  Stay tuned for updates to this exciting story!

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