Published: Apr 19, 2012 11:47 PM EDT
Updated: Apr 19, 2012 11:58 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla -- Covering the Cape, where some say trash is taking over! Residents tell WINK News they are fed up with people using their city as a dumping ground. And now, they're taking action.
Drive past any of the open lots in Cape Coral, and you might see trash that litters the area, from empty bottles, to plastic bags. This is exactly what residents here want to pick up.

You won't believe what Cape Coral's Rick Williams has found dumped close to his own backyard. "Toilets, cabinets," he explained. 

The gritty garbage is often buried in the brush. "I believe it was two years ago we found a Buddha statue!" he said.

It's a problem, he says, that's noticeable especially in the northwest section of the city where bits and pieces of trash are scattered about. Gail Dolan lives off Old Burnt Store and says the garbage needs to go. "So many things just get tossed out the windows of cars," said Dolan.

Another problem in the northwest Cape area is signs. Often realtor signs blow over and will remain in the area for years, and they become a part of the trash problem.

To clean up the city the community is hosting the 16th annual Trash Bash, something that's happened every year since 1997. It was started by the Cape Coral Police Department and concerned neighbors. Police say don't dump or pay the price.

"There is a penalty. You're not allowed to do that, and depending on the weight it can be a felony," said Lt. Tony Sizemore, with the Cape Coral Police Department.

And while residents say the cleanup makes a world of difference, they're pleading  with the litterbugs, to stop tossing and start caring. "I think we should all be vigilant, all year long," said Dolan.

The trash bash will take place Saturday, April 21st, at 8:30am at the Burnt Store Boat Ramp.
Volunteers are asked to bring gloves, comfortable shoes, hats and sunscreen.
Large dumpsters will be provided at the boat ramp.

Questions? Call Rick Williams at (239) 898-5004