Published: Mar 31, 2012 5:20 AM EDT
Updated: Mar 31, 2012 5:21 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- It's your money and Fort Myers is spending about $30,000 to study bringing a trolley service to downtown Fort Myers.  Friday, surveys were mailed out to downtown businesses and residents to get a feel for what they're looking for in a trolley service.

Trying to find parking in downtown Fort Myers can be an issue.  It's why many people say they're on board with bringing a trolley to the downtown Fort Myers area.

"I think it would be a big plus for downtown.  Anything that we can do with the lack of parking now moving the river in, would be a good thing," said Peggy Maul, resident.

"We'd use it for parking purposes you know," said Gary Koss, resident.

The city is working with the Lee County Transit Authority to get a survey out to help them plan the proposed route.

"We're asking the public how they would like to use the trolley, where they live, where they'd like to go with it and that will help us determine the trolley routes," said Don Paight, Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency.

The survey is part of a larger study looking into mobility of downtown.  While some hope it helps with street traffic, businesses like Sprits of Bacchus hope it translates into more foot traffic.

"I think its a great idea.  Anything that gives people an excuse to come downtown is a good thing," said Benjamin Dopp, owner, Spirits of Bacchus.

The study will cost about $30,000.  If the trolley gets the green light, the city has about $360,000 set aside from local funds and federal grants to get the trolley moving through the first two years.

"We see this as a convenience eventually for people say living in the high rises on the east side of town to be able to take trolley to Publix on the west side of town," said Paight.

"I think the trolley would be really helpful to just be able to jump on and move around," said Teresa Miller, tourist.

For information on where to fill out a survey, visit

The city is asking people to fill out the surveys by April 16.