Published: Mar 02, 2012 5:12 AM EST


COLLIER COUNTY, Fla -- Residents in East Naples sound off on the idea of 21 foot sound wall outside their community.


About 100 Eagle Creek residents turned out to a public meeting asking Florida Department of Transportation officials for a compromise.


Residents agree some sort of noise barrier is needed to block out the sound of the traffic, but the consensus after Thursday's meeting was that a 21 foot wall isn't the answer.


The Eagle Creek community sits at the high traffic intersection of US 41 and Collier Boulevard. A road widening project will ultimately mean more traffic for the residents in Eagle Creek.


"The noise from the road goes right down the entrance way to the back of our complex. I live in the back of that complex and I hear all those noises," says resident Randy Vanalstine.


FDOT officials say the solution could be a sound barrier that stands 21 feet high and 300 feet long. Jim Kneeper says, "it's going to look like a prison if we have that kind of barrier. We'll be the inmates and people will look at us going by."


Knepper has lived in the Eagle Creek community for 21 years. He and other residents agree something needs to be done about the noise but are looking for a compromise.


"There needs to be a compromise where we can come up with a height that gives us some mitigation from sound, but also look nice for our entrance way," says Vanalstine.


The other concern for residents is the length. They say 300 feet doesn't cover the entire community, leaving some residents with the same problem.


"I would like to see an eight to ten foot fence along our perimeter covering the whole perimeter. This stops at a point where, in my particular case, isn't going to help me," says Knepper.


Residents were asked to fill out a survey after the meeting. If the majority of people oppose the idea, the barrier won't be built, but ultimately the decision lies in the hands of FDOT.


Residents will meet with Collier County and state leaders over the next several weeks to work out a compromise.