Published: Feb 18, 2012 5:23 AM EST
Updated: Feb 22, 2012 7:35 AM EST

MARCO ISLAND, Fla --  A restoration company estimates it will take three weeks to clean up dozens of units damaged by a boat explosion.

Friday afternoon, a dramatic explosion sent two boaters jumping into the water for safety. Smoke and soot from the fire covered the inside of dozens of Dela Park Condos in Marco Island.

Many people who weren't home during the day left their windows open and now dozens of people are left with no where to live and thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Moments after the boat exploded there was no stopping the smoke from seeping in and damaging dozens of condos.

Richard Christiaens is the owner of Paul Davis Restoration. He was called in to assess the damage for dozens of home owners.

Christiaens says, "I Believe it will take about three weeks to get everything cleaned up from top to bottom. Everything in here needs to be cleaned. It's all got soot particulate on it."

The higher up they were, the more damage there was. "Her picture frames, clothing, cabinets, everything in this unit will need to be removed from the walls, paint the walls, clean the carpet, clean the tile," Christiaens said.

The damage may not be visible to the eye, but is visible with each swipe across the furniture. "Everything as far as clothing and bedding needs to be dry cleaned to take the soot particulate off of it," says Christiaens.

In all, he estimates the total damage to just one unit at $30,000. The owner, fortunate it will all be covered by insurance. "Luckily they have insurance and the company will pay for them to stay somewhere else," Christiaens says.