Published: Jan 28, 2012 7:57 PM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Every day Steve Winters goes to work prepared to transport life-threatening medical cases at a moments notice.
"There's a perception that a medical helicopter is an ambulance with a rotor and it's so much more than that," he said.
Lee County EMS and nearly 20 other publicly funded agencies landed a spot at the air show to show off their choppers.
The goal of show casing helicopters is to give the public a better idea of what happens when they close the doors and lift off.
It was also intended to show those who live in Southwest Florida the services their tax dollars subsidize.
"An educated community is much easier for us to work with to make it a safer city, a safer county for us to live in," said event director Bryan Smith.
Visitors to the air show also got a glimpse of the traveling Vietnam memorial making its way through the area.
Pilots like Steve Winters and his team say their favorite part is seeing the impact the displays have on their spectators.
"We do see unfortunately the hardest times in peoples lives but then to be able to come out and make a positive impact on a childs life or a family's life is a great thing," Winters continued.
Local agencies also had other equipment like bomb units and mobile command posts on display at the event.
An estimated 6,000 people were expected to attend.