Published: Jan 26, 2012 2:14 AM EST

FORT MYERS, FL - Leatha James, is facing her second trial for the death of her husband Arthur James. In her first trial the jury was not able to render a verdict. Today jurors listened to testimony in the case. The prosecution claims during an altercation between Mr. and Mrs. James, she grabbed a knife and somehow stabbed her husband. There is no direct testimony as to exactly how Arthur James was injured. But the defense says it was not the stab wound that killed James, but his treatment at Lehigh Regional Medical Center that caused the man's death. Defense attorney, Joe Viacava says at the hospital, Arthur James was intebated incorrectly sending an airtube into his stomach rather than his lungs. Closing arguements concluded near 5pm Wednesday leading the judge to tell jurors to go home and be ready to begin deliberations at 9am Thursday morning.