Published: Jan 09, 2012 5:52 PM EST

MIAMI (AP) - A lawsuit filed in Florida by the parent of CompUSA and Circuit City claims former executives and vendors stole millions of dollars from the company.
The lawsuit was filed by Systemax Inc. against former executives Carl and Patrick Fiorentino and others. It includes allegations they stole electronics, took kickbacks from vendors who charged excessive prices and wrongly inflated their salaries.
The lawsuit filed Friday seeks unspecified damages. Attorneys for the Fiorentino brothers did not immediately respond Monday to emails seeking comment.
Carl and Patrick Fiorentino were executives at TigerDirect Inc., which bought CompUSA in 2008. Systemax purchased TigerDirect in 1995.
A third former executive, Gilbert Fiorentino, was not named in the lawsuit. In April he resigned and surrendered cash and stock after similar allegations surfaced in a whistleblower complaint.

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