Published: Jan 03, 2012 4:00 AM EST
Updated: Jan 05, 2012 4:08 AM EST

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. - There were more sweatshirts than swimsuits on Fort Myers Beach Monday, as a breeze ushered in the beginning of a temporary cold snap.

Conveniently, perhaps, this cold spell is arriving just as holiday vacations are wrapping up.

Balloon artist Nadia is stationed at her spot in Time Square on Fort Myers Beach, no matter what the weather, though sometimes it means making her creations is a little more challenging.

"This is hard when its windy, its very difficult," she said.

Her out-of-state visitors are noticing the change in the air too.

"We went shopping, we hit up the (shops) for some nice warm clothes," said a visitor from Michigan.

It's not necessarily what visitors expect when they come to Southwest Florida, but its also not uncommon to get a little chilly here once in a while at this time of year. This time, the cold just happens to be coming just as the busy holiday vacation season is ending.

"The last couple weeks have been pretty busy. It's been pretty good. It's been good weather, so we've had some pretty interesting people here," said Eli Baldwin at West Coast Surf Shop.

The folks at the West Coast Surf Shop say sales actually may have been a little slower than last year, even though last season featured far more cold days. That's because chilly conditions can be good for business, driving people off the sand and into the stores.

"More long sleeve stuff for people," Baldwin said. "Its getting a little cold, they don't really come down here thinking about cold weather."

For all the people visiting from up north, our idea of "cold" is still better than what they'll be going home to.

"It's not 20 degrees and snowing! Can't complain!"