Published: Dec 29, 2011 3:18 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Nick Rouskey's family say he'll be remembered for many things -- earning a Bronze Star for his service in the Vietnam War, being a dedicated family man and an all-around adventurer.

I think a lot of people would tell you, they lost a hero," says Chris Rouskey, his brother. "I hope he's remembered as someone who loved his family, who cared about people and was just a fantastic person."

The 61-year-old died Monday while working on a 714-foot radio tower in Bonita Springs. It's a trade he had practiced for nearly thirty years.

But loved ones say, as daring as he was, he never threw caution to the wind.

"He probably climbed towers higher than this one," says Rouskey. "He probably even climbed them ten thousand times."

Nick Rouskey had many interests including motorcycles, parasailing, and skydiving. He had completed nearly 1,600 jumps in his lifetime, with his last dive taking place just a couple weeks ago.

Most of all though, family is proud of his giving spirit, saying he was a caretaker to many.

"He was the least selfish person you could find," says Chris Rouskey. "All he ever did was care about family."

So for his final goodbye, family members are taking a page from his book. They plan to scatter his ashes as they complete one last skydive together.