Published: Dec 23, 2011 11:23 PM EST
Updated: Dec 24, 2011 12:57 AM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- The grandparents of Zander McCready issued a release, calling it absurd and unjust that the 5-year-old remains with a foster family in Arkansas on Christmas weekend. Mike and Gayle Inge  deny claims by daughter Mindy McCready.

The statement, issued through a public relations firm, says any allegations that they abused Zander are false and hurtful. McCready, a country music singer, took Zander to Arkansas, a few weeks ago. It appears the boy will spend Christmas with a foster family there.

The Inge's also question why an Arkansas judge is keeping Zander in that state. "He was put in the care of strangers.  How could this possibly be in the best interest of our grandson," the statement reads.

The grandparents accuse both McCready and Arkansas of violating the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.  

Fort Myers attorney Mary Evans told WINK News, they probably have a valid point. She explains, the act is designed to prevent one parent from moving a child to another state, in hopes of getting more favorable rulings from the courts. 

"It appears that Mindy McCready did that, taking the child from its home, and that is horrible," Evans told WINK. "The act is supposed to prohibit that sort of activity by a parent, who may not be happy with the courts in the home state."

Steven Martin, attorney for the Inge's, told WINK, the couple cannot conduct interviews right now, for fear of aggravating the judge in Arkansas, who has issued a gag order. 

However, Martin issued a statement to WINK News.

It reads:

"It is a tragedy that the boy is not home for the holidays. We continue to maintain that Gayle and Mike Inge are the legal guardians of the child and he should be returned home to Florida. As the boy has not been released into my clients' custody or the custody of the Florida DCF I can only speculate that Arkansas DHS has taken the position that Mindy McCready, William McKnight and Gayle and Mike Inge are not fit to parent the minor child.  The logical result of that position is that the child can be placed for adoption in the State of Arkansas. It remains our position that, using even the most basic application of the UCCJEA, jurisdiction over this case remains in the State of Florida."

Martin says he may conduct some interviews on the case, after the Christmas holiday.