Published: Dec 02, 2011 4:50 AM EST
Updated: Dec 02, 2011 5:53 AM EST

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla -- The parents of country music singer Mindy McCready open up talking to WINK News about the nationwide search for their missing grandson.

Thursday afternoon, a Lee County judge issued a pick-up order for five year old Zander after McCready refused to bring him back by the 5 p.m. Deadline.

Zander's father, Billy McKnight tells WINK News that he has no idea where is son may be. McKnight says that he spoke with Mindy and Zander Thursday evening by phone and confirms Zander is safe.

"I just talked to Mindy and Zander just over an hour ago. At this point she made it clear to me she wasn't planning on bringing him home and that's my biggest concern," McKnight says. Mindy's mother and step father have been waiting patiently at their North Fort Myers home, waiting on any word about their grandson. Minday's mother Gayle Inge says, "I just have to know Zander is safe."

As of Thursday night, the family only knows that Mindy and Zander were not in Tennessee where authorities first looked Thursday afternoon and that now the search for the mother and son might be somewhere in Arkansas.

McKnight says, "I know that's where her boyfriend is, I know she's pregnant with twins and I know that's where he lives. I don't have his address and I don't know that for a fact,"

The country singer took her five year old son from his grandfather's Cape Coral home earlier this week. She does not have legal custody, instead Zander has spent the past four and a half years with Mindy's mother and step father in North Fort Myers.
"We love Zander. It was never our plan to parent him, we're grandparents, guardians. We've given him the very best for four and a half years, but it was always our desire to have Mindy have him," says Inge.

McKnight tells WINK News that Zander sounds like he doing fine over the phone. "Thank God she's letting me talk to him everytime I call. If not I'd be really worried, but she is letting me do that and I just want to know when I'm going to see him again, that's the big question."