Published: Nov 29, 2011 11:10 PM EST
Updated: Nov 29, 2011 11:30 PM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- A former Cape Coral cop is accused of living a lie that some are calling "disgraceful and disgusting."

A look into Stephen Chase's past finds that he may have lied about earning a Purple Heart and Bronze Star, which is a federal offense.

Earlier this month, Stephen Chase resigned from Cape PD after it was revealed he lied about having his GED.

Tuesday, our partners at the News-Press uncovered more alleged deception by Chase, that he lied about earning two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star in combat.

This has local vets fighting mad saying this is the ultimate betrayal.

"The Purple Heart is one of the highest achievements you can get," said Saul Bigel, a Korean War Veteran.

In 1951 Jerry Montagnino was shot during the Korean War and was given a Purple Heart.

"I laid on a mountain for 24 hours with another G.I before a company found us," Montagnino said.

The medal represents his pain and courage.

This is why Montagnino is angry about allegations a former Cape cop lied about having received the medal.

"If this man doesn't deserve this medal and he says he has a Purple Heart, he's living on dead man's glory."

In 2009, Stephen Chase received a lot of glory in this News-Press article.

Months earlier, Chase was injured in a car crash while on the job.

The article profiled his return to work at Cape P.D.

In the article, Chase says he earned two Purple Hearts for being shot while in Afghanistan.

Then a Bronze Star for being injured in a car crash while fighting.

But the National Guard tells the News-Press it has no records of Chase ever being honored with those medals.

We went to Chase's house Tuesday to find out the truth, but no one answered the door and he didn't respond to our email messages either.

Veterans say this type of lie is disgraceful.

"I cant fathom and tolerate lies about a subject this sensitive," Bigel said.

Under the "Stolen Valor Act", it is considered a crime to lie about having been honored with war medals.

No word yet on whether charges will be filed.

The U.S. Supreme Court is looking into whether the law violates someone's free speech.

Meanwhile WINK News is checking to see with other arms of the U.S. Military to learn more about his service record.

Trust us for any updates.