Published: Nov 24, 2011 2:03 AM EST

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- As millions of people began their travel plans for the Thanksgiving holiday, some of the nations largest cities are getting slammed with storms.. causing possible delays for travelers going to those cities.
"They're saying its just real windy up there and that's why they held us up right now but were hoping still to get out. An hour isn't going to mess us up too bad but it will if it gets longer and we're pretty sure it will," said traveler Dave Corbeau.
RSW flights taking off for New York area and Boston airports backed up early in the day.
Some incoming flights arrived ahead of schedule.. and barely missed the hazardous conditions causing delays.
"We were on cue in New York City for about an hour and a half to get out but then he made up the time so it was okay," said arriving passenger Roseanna Baldwin.
The days leading up to thanksgiving are among the busiest of the year..
3.4 million Floridians planned to trade in the streets for the skies.
But the unexpected weather means some may have to spend their holiday trying other methods to get back home.
"I oughta stay here instead of going back home. Why would I want to go back home. Now who wants to go there. But before Thanksgiving hopefully we can get out of here and get back there before Thanksgiving," Corbeau continued.
42 million Americans will be traveling this week. That's up four percent over 2010. AAA attributes it to a sign the economy may be getting back on track.