Published: Nov 23, 2011 5:45 AM EST

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Shocking allegations after WINK News obtains the arrest warrant for Garrett Kern.  In it, the Cape Coral man admits to killing his 80-year-old stepgrandfather, James Arthur.  Kern also said he did it because his father and Arthur both molested him as a child.  Kern's father spoke exclusively with WINK News about the accusations.

The family said they're angry the warrant got out because they've had it since Monday morning and they were told by attorneys not to speak to anyone about it, including the media.  Since the contents leaked, they family said they're going to defend James Arthur, who is no longer alive to defend himself.

"We waited 26 days for this.  We barely got through this last night and we couldn't share this with anyone.  No one to talk to it about," said Tracey Warford, Garrett Kern's father.

Warford believes his son, who is accused of murdering James Arthur, is saying whatever he can to take the focus off of the fact that he's facing murder charges.

"I'm very unhappy and very displeased with these allegations that Garrett has brought against me and Jim.  Jim was a wonderful and caring man.  He was a father, not just a stepfather, for 31 years," said Warford.

In an arrest warrant released Tuesday, Kern said his grandfather (James Arthur) and father (Tracey Warford) molested him and admitted that he had done "something stupid."  Warford said the accusationg of molestation are just simply not true.

"Anyone who knows us, knows this is complete lies and for them to badger Jim when he's not around the protect himself, its not going to happen.  If you want to badger my name, I'm still here to defend my name but Jim is not but I will defend his name right next to mine," said Warford.

The warrant goes on to say, Kern pointed out blood on the passenger seat, passenger door to a friend and boasted the blood was from the last breath his grandfather had taken.  When Kern saw a friend the day of October 27, they asked him where his grandfather was and Kern said "he's done," and motioned with a hand across his neck.  Warford said despite Kern trying to call the family from jail three times since Monday, they want nothing to do with him.

"Garrett is a dangerous person.  A lot of people knew this.  Murdered someone who loved him and took the time to raise him.  Its not fair for Jim to be put under the microscope any way shape or form right now," said Warford.

The warrant also said Kern told a friend he killed his grandfather and asked them to help clean up where he dumped the body in the woods.  Kern is facing second degree murder charges in connection to Arthur's death.  Wa

"Garrett, God help your soul because we will not be through any of this to help you.  You've created this on your own.  If you want to come forth and be honest and be a man," said Warford.

WINK News spoke with a biological daughter of James Arthur who said Garrett Kern is making molestation accusations to try and get out of jail or get less of a charge.  As for Garrett Kern, he'll be back in front of a judge in December.