Published: Nov 23, 2011 6:51 PM EST
Updated: Nov 23, 2011 7:11 PM EST

FORT MYERS, Fla.- One of the busiest travel days of the year is upon us. Whether you're flying the friendly skies or hitting the road, there's information you need to know.

Some airports are starting to see weather-related delays up north and that could impact your departure time out of Fort Myers. At RSW, travelers are bustling about, anxious to get to their holiday destinations and so far, it's been smooth sailing.

Thanks to a new app from the Florida Department of Transportation, you can know what's happening on the roads, right from your phone.

"Knowing what's out there ahead of your trip is so important, so look before you go, know before you go," said Debbie Tower with FDOT.

FDOT's Florida 511 app is available for free download on iTunes now.

Click here to download the APP.

"Being prepared, understanding what's ahead slowing down for conditions, or just being alert or prepared, goes a long way toward safety on our roads," Tower said.

Finding out where there's trouble on your trip with mobile updates on crashes, congestion and travel times along Florida's interstates, toll roads and major thoroughfares will certainly cut down on the holiday headache.

42.5 million people are expected to travel to their Thanksgiving destinations. About eight percent of those people are skipping the rush of the roads and opting to tough out long lines at airports instead.

Click here to view the status of flights at Southwest Florida International Airport.

At RSW, passengers say the experience so far, has been enjoyable.

Richard Walker was flying out of RSW to Baltimore Wednesday morning.

"Here is calm, not many people. BWI in Baltimore is unbelieveable. it's crowded, not very clean, not as friendly," Walker said.

Judy Lamper was heading to Key West for Thanksgiving. She had no complaints about her experience at the airport.

"It's wonderful. they checked us in early," Lamper said. "Everything's been great."

If your travel plans don't include flying, but you plan on getting behind the wheel, from Thanksgiving through January 2nd, you can enjoy your holiday party and get home safely. AAA South is teaming up with Budweiser for its Tow-to-Go program. It's available to everyone even if you're not a AAA member. Simply call 1-800-AAA-HELP. You and your car will be towed to your home free of charge, if you have had one too many drinks.

Florida Highway Patrol has stepped up enforcement from now until Sunday. It's targetting speeders, drunk drivers and aggressive motorists. F.H.P. says it will have all hands on deck for the patrols, but it needs your help, too. If you spot someone breaking the rules of the road, you're urged to call F.H.P. at *347, from your mobile phone.