Published: Nov 19, 2011 4:16 AM EST
Updated: Nov 19, 2011 4:30 AM EST

NAPLES, Fla. - Unemployment in Florida is at its lowest level in more than two years. The rate, which now stands at 10.4%, is still higher than the national average of 9%.

In Collier County unemployment dropped to 10.7, nearly two points down from a year ago when the unemployment rate was at more than 12%.

One of the biggest new employers in the county is the Children's Museum of Naples, which will open in February.

"There was a lot more room in this office a year ago," said Joe Cox, Executive Director of the Museum, "there were eight of us a year ago and there are 17 of us now."

The 30,000 Square Foot facility will have 21 full-time employees and 26 part-timers. Unlike many businesses struggling to stay above water, there is an untapped market for the museum in Naples. Cox says it is fueled by the tourism industry.

"Innovation is always gonna drive things forward," Cox said.

"If you have a new and exciting product, it doesn't matter if you're a children's museum or selling a new type of candy, you're gonna do well."

Tourism was a big winner across the state. Collier County has seen a 17 percent increase in visitors in the last year.

Healthcare is also a winner on the job front statewide. Locally, medical device company Arthrex is expanding in both Collier and Lee Counties. The company says it will create hundreds of jobs.

Construction is the loser in the jobs game. More than 11 thousand jobs have been lost in the last year. Local governments aren't shelling out money for construction projects.

But in Naples, the Airport Authority just paid more than three million dollars to expand the runway. No city or county funds were used, the airport authority doesn't receive public funds. Instead the project was paid for with airport fees.

"It's good for the community, brings a lot of people and their money," said Ted Soliday with the Naples Airport Authority.

Lee County saw it's unemployment rate drop to 10.7 percent, the lowest level in nearly two years.

Hendry County remains on the top stop with an unemployment rate of 16.1%