Published: Nov 14, 2011 11:46 PM EST
Updated: Nov 15, 2011 12:59 AM EST

FT. MYERS BEACH, Fla.- An iconic part of Fort Myers Beach is now closed to the public. Crews have been working on the pier since mid-August. Through this week, you won't be allowed to walk out over the water.

Even though the pier is closed  local business say it is not having an impact. It's closed because they're going to resurface the entire walkway. This is just one step in a one million dollar repair project, re-doing the walkway, railings, and concrete below.  

Try and walk onto the pier and you won't get far. It's closed for resurfacing and some much needed repairs.  In May 1991 parts of the tourist attraction crumbled away after a massive storm slammed the sides. Then, Hurricane Charley added more stress. Over the years it has been patched up but never fully replaced.

"If you look closely at the surface here, you can see its worn and in pretty bad shape, actually. You think about it: all the sand and everything else on the pier, it's like a constant wearing of sandpaper on it," said Fowler Construction President Robert Fowler.

Some visitors say they're disappointed the pier is not open.  "A little bummed out. Our son, he wanted to see it, he's never seen the ocean before," said Chicago resident Kim Paul.

But shop owners along the pier say with the influx of seasonal residents, business is still booming. "We've been relativley busy lots of people, the weather's been really good," said Pier Peddler saleswoman Sue Morris.

Construction on the pier is expected to be complete in January.