Published: Nov 12, 2011 4:39 AM EST
Updated: Nov 12, 2011 4:42 AM EST

NAPLES, Fla. - Dan Stutman isn't surprised by much anymore. He spent his career with the D.E.A., the last six years as head of the New York division.

Now he travels the country giving seminars to students and parents on the dangers of drugs. He was surprised during his trip to Naples.

"I'm surprised by what (the students) say the parental attitudes are," said Stutman, who says parents in Naples aren't as involved when it comes to drugs.

Stutman spoke at different high schools and church in Naples during his three-day-visit.

Mimi Scofield knows first hand how drugs can infect students at a young age. Her son battled drug addiction while he was a high school student in Collier County. Now she's involved with Drug Free Collier.

"If I had the tools and education back then, maybe it would have been a lot different," said Scofield who attended the Thursday seminar at New Hope Ministries in Naples.

"Parents who listen to their kids at dinner, as much as possible, have a far lower rate of substance abuse among kids than parents who don't," said Stutman.

Lisa Marteeny was the active parent Stutman talks about when her kids were in high school. Now as a Grandparent, she planned to have a similar talk with her 11 year-old Grandson. But she found out he's already been exposed to drugs.

"Some friends of his offered to him," said Marteeny, "I didn't even plan on having the talk until he was 12."

Stutman says the real fight against prescription drug abuse begins at home. He recommends throwing away any pills you're not using.

"If you're not gonna throw it away, buy a handgun locker, which you can find in any gun store, and lock up those pills. you will save kid's lives."