Published: Nov 03, 2011 1:42 AM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla- Professional sculptors.. many from different countries... brought their tools to Fort Myers Beach.
This weekend they'll go head to head in the annual sand sculpting competition.
"Every year its something new and different and with these sculptors its always something new and different so its always entertaining," said Chamber of Commerce President John Albion.
Last year over 25,000 spectators came out to see the artists in action. Those like Colleen Camarra who see it for the first time can't believe the intricacies of their pieces.
"It's amazing. Its just so amazing they even do this down here. It's a spectator sport and the talent here is incredible. Just incredible," she said.
The artists say those who come out to watch are taken back to their childhood of building sand castles on the beach.
"So they instantly have a connection to it and when they see it done on a professional level the crowd is drawn to it and they're amazed and they start asking questions," said sculptor Rusty Croft.
As the competition has grown over the years so has its impact on the local economy. Spectators travel from all over the country to see what the "sand spectacular" has to offer.
"All this is certainly going to benefit our economy and and enhance the area and create the types of memories that will create recidivism.. people will return to the area," Albion continued.
For the sculptors.. they say the best part of the competition is show casing their work for all to see.
"Its public. Its public art. You don't spend all this time and effort on something that gets locked away in a private home only to be enjoyed by very few people. This is for everybody," Croft said.
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