Published: Nov 02, 2011 11:11 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. - George Tanner says it's hard to avoid racking up the mosquito bites when standing water covers his North Fort Myers neighborhood.

"You will get hit here, after dark, a hundred times, from your car to your front door," Tanner says.

Tanner lives in the flood-prone Suncoast Estates, which has battling drainage problems for years.

"The ditches don't drain, so the mosquitoes just breed in that stagnant, still water," says Tanner.

Shelly Redovan with Lee County Mosquito Control says North Fort Myers and the Corkscrew area are dealing with the worst of the mosquitoes, but the entire county is experiencing a prolonged season.

"We had a tropical wave come through that dropped a lot of rainfall, and when we had this last cold front come through, it pushed in rain," says Redovan.

Redovan says that created a new batch of pesky insects, thriving at a time of year when the population is supposed to be dropping off.

"This has been one of the most challenging years I can remember, and when we look back in our records, we didn't have these numbers for twenty years," Redovan says.

Mosquito control usually gets 3,000-5,000 calls a year from people asking for help with spraying mosquitoes. This year, there have been almost 10,000 calls.

The agency says, lately, it hasn't been able to spray as much as it would like because of another natural force -- the wind. Mosquito control says spraying by air and on the ground is ineffective when conditions are too windy.