Published: Nov 01, 2011 9:40 PM EDT
Updated: Nov 01, 2011 10:48 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - New details about a disturbing Collier County arrest are revealed.

Detectives say 46-year-old David Bennett pierced holes in his apartments wall and secretly watched and recorded a Naples couple having sex.

The incident report obtained by WINK News reveals it was a play station that ultimately lead to Bennett's arrest.

Bennett was arrested Friday October 28, 2011 on 35 counts of voyeurism. An investigation by the Collier County Sheriff's Office found Bennett was spying on a Naples couple for three months without their knowledge.

Deputies say Bennett drilled three holes in the victims bathroom wall and used them to watch the coulple during their most intimate moments.

The report says an aquaintance, Daron Woodson, found the video's on the internet of the couple having sex. Woodson says he found the shocking video last month while he was playing on his playstation.

Woodson immediately called the female victim and told her, "while he was playing the game, he came across some public files that contained video's of her. Not knowing what they were, he opened them and discovered the videos were of her in the nude."

Woodson goes on to tell investigators, "he found the files on a network and the files were saved under the title 'Dave's Files.'"

Woodson tells WINK News he knew both Bennett and the victims, but would not say how they were all related or reveal any details as to how the videos ended up on his playstation.

David Bennett remains behind bars with a $105,000 bond. He is expected in court November 23rd.

As for the victims, WINK News is not revealing their names, because deputies say this is a sex crime.