Published: Nov 01, 2011 11:21 PM EDT
Updated: Nov 01, 2011 11:41 PM EDT

 LEE COUNTY - Fla -- The ex-girlfriend of southwest Florida's most wanted man speaks only to WINK News, and tells us, the father of her child, Garrett Kern, is capable of anything.

Just hours ago, authorities named Kern southwest Florida's most wanted criminal. Kern was last seen Thursday with his step father, James Arthur, 80. For six days, authorities have scoured the state, searching for the missing men.

Robyn Schmittling says it was an on again, off again relationship, that lasted for six years. During that time she filed restraining orders against him,  saying he choked her and burned her with cigarette butts. She fears for her safety and the safety of their daughter.

"He's angry, he's violent people need to be careful if they do seem him," said Schmittling. The 23-year-old, who we are blurring to protect, first met Garrett Kern in high school.

Their relationship she says, was a rocky one. She says Kern started using drugs at 17. "He's an oxycontin user, and once he started to use needles, then it got too big of a problem for me to handle," she said.

In 2007 she filed a protective order that says "He proceeded to choke me until I handed over my phone. I was scared and ran out of the house. I had one foot out of the door and he grabbed me by the collar and threw me on the living room floor..."

And another one in 2009 that said "Garrett has unstable moods. He goes from mad to happy in the drop of a hat."

Now a manhunt is underway for Kern and James Arthur. Schmittling believes her ex-boyfriend is capable of anything.

"I know Garrett would have harmed him. If he would have, it would probably have been over money," she said.

She doesn't believe Kern is still in Florida. "He's running, and he's going to run as far away from here as he can."

But even so, is worried about her safety, and the safety of their three year old daughter.
She is making this plea to Kern, asking him to end their misery. "Just to call. Call and let them know where Jim is. We don't care where Garrett is , we do, but we don't. Jim's safety is more important."